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Everyday people write apology letters for so many different reasons to numerous recipients. The apology letters could be sent to your colleagues, friends, family members, business partners, clients, employees and even to your employer. The apology letter is a proof that you acknowledge your mistake and you are sorry for it. As human beings we make mistakes every day; however the valuable relationship can be saved if an apology letter is penned down as soon as the mistake is made. While writing an apology letter the language used should be kept professional and formal. The format for your apology letter should be short, concise, clear and to the point. No matter how serious your misbehavior was, writing an apology letter will help in amending the situation.

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  • In the first few lines of your apology letter you must acknowledge the fact that negligence did occur on your part. Try not to sound too dramatic. The reader should be able to feel the sincerity and honesty in your letter. In the next paragraph you could write down the detail account of the whole incident. While you are writing your apology letter, keep an eye out for the words which give the impression that you want to shift the blame to someone else. If you are writing an apology letter on the behalf of a company or an organization then your apology letter should clearly point out that the incident will not happen again. If you could, you can write down the necessary steps your organization has taken to prevent this from happening again.