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An attendance list might be utilized to record participation of understudies or workers in various associations. Normally every association has appropriate record of worker’s attendance list which is then utilized for various HR related choices like ascertaining month to month wage, reasoning and productivity of every representative. In the event that attendance list is utilized for students it gives record of total conveyed lectures and participation of students in every lecture and so on. An attendance list format will be set up in various organizations for various needs. It might be set up for every student or worker separately or for all for a month, week or day.

In the educational institutes, the attendance list is given a high priority, which depicts a positive attitude of the organization or the institute. The attendance list will regularly record the name of students those were available in a class for particular course. The attendance list will help the institute to track the participation of every student on a register for a short time, as well as for an afterward check. A general attendance list will build up a decent sign in the manner of each individual student to go to the classes on time that will surely put a good habit in students in regards to their work schedules and also in their plans. There are such a large number of places where attendance list format may serve as a critical tool, such as for understudies in everyday school exercises, for players in playing events, for visitors in a show, for representatives in a working environment, and so forth.

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