Award Certificate Template

It is true that the format of the award certificate changes as the event changes; however, there are some factors that keep the same in every award certificate. These are the name of the recipient, sometimes the name of the father is also included but it is not necessary, date when the award certificate was issued, the name of the event, for which the award certificate is being issued, along with the name of the issuing institute or the company should be included in the award certificate template. If the award certificate is not signed by the concerned authority then it does not have any worth, therefore, you must check that the award certificate is properly signed.

Award certificate is issued by different institutes, organizations, companies, schools, colleges and the government to boost the morale of the individuals by recognizing their special achievements. The layout and the theme of the award certificate will depend upon the institute that is issuing it and the event that it is issued for. For example, the award certificate for the sports event would be different form the one that is given by any corporation to their employee for being punctual. However, some organizations can use the traditional award certificate template for their requirement.

award certificate template

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