Bill of Lading Template

If someone works in the shipping industry, it is very essential that know how to prepare the bill of lading. The bill of lading is used to cover all of the important matters, which are related to the transaction of the goods in the shipping industries. A bill of lading is contract between the shipper who will transport the request goods and the receiver. Both parties will need to fill the bill of lading, in regards to the number of units obtained, date of the delivery and other valuable information and details. You must prepare the bill of lading using simple and easy to understand words.

A bill of lading is one those commercial documents that are used to acknowledge any receipt of services or goods. Shipping companies mostly use the bill of lading. The bill of lading is issued by the transport companies or the carriers to the shipping companies. With the help of the bill of lading document you can easily identify the terms of payment, terms of transport, intended destination, vessels on which the items are placed, goods that are supposed to be delivered. You can also the bill of lading as the description of the goods, their weight, nature and etc. it must be prepared with utmost care and attention.

bill of lading template

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