Billing Statement Templates

These billing statement templates are divided into a lot of different sections. In one section you have to write down the information about the cardholder’s or the receiver’s previous credits, payments and balance, total amount of all of the new purchases that were made in the billing cycle, total new balance, interest charged, fees charged, cash advances and so on and so forth. You must mention the minimum amount due and also the due date so that the card holder can easily avoid getting late. You must also write down the reward balance and any of the new reward earned in that billing cycle. You need to write down complete information about the transactions, the transaction date, amount as well as the merchant name.

Details of Billing Statement Templates

All these billing statement templates are statements which are being issued by the banks and other credit card companies, generally at the end of the financial year. The billing statement is a type of a periodic report that is mostly generated by the credit card companies, to the credit card holders showing all of the recent transactions, due balance and any other key information. In some cases the billing statement is issued at the end of the each billing cycle, which usually lasts for one month. Sometimes the credit card companies send out the billing statement via mail, however these days the billing statement is being sent via email. To draft the billing statement is not a hard job to do; you need to follow few guidelines.

MS Excel Billing Statement Invoice Template

Monthly Billing Invoice Statement Template