Commercial Invoice Template

Whenever someone does a foreign trade they use a document known in the corporate world as a commercial invoice. The information in the commercial invoice states the customs on the items to be shipped, which is delivered by the concerned organization or the person. The main elements that should be included in every commercial invoice includes the total cost, total due, taxes, quantity of the items, price, their description, address of the person or the organization to whom the invoice is billed, due date for the payment, invoice date and the invoice number. You must have the signatures of the concerned person if you wish to make your invoice of any worth.

While making a commercial invoice you can add the word “invoice” on the top of the document. The logo of the company should be included in the commercial invoice, either on the top of the document or as a background image. You must write down the basic information about your company in your commercial invoice. Whenever a company does a foreign exchange of goods they are required to make a commercial invoice. A commercial invoice is so important because, it ensure that the financial commitment between the two parties across the border is fulfilled in the allotted time. A commercial invoice is a signed statement generated by the exporting party, giving a concrete proof of the goods that are being transported.

commercial invoice template

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