Company Letterhead Template

Company letterhead is really important, whether you have a small company or a big corporation. In the business world, where you have to write a lot of different documents every day, it takes a lot of time and man power to write down your basic details on each of those documents. Therefore, companies utilize a company letterhead, which has already printed basic details of your corporation. The company letterhead must contain your name, your company’s name, address and contact information. The design of the company letterhead depends upon the type of the work that you do. It is essential that your company letterhead must correspond to the logo, motto as well as the business of your company or organization.

Sometimes, the company may provide its each employee with an individual company letterhead, in that case, you must write down the name of the employee to which the letterhead belongs to. The company letterhead may be formal or informal according to the type of the business that you do. The most important thing is to make sure that your company letterhead displays your basic information with a flare. The font and the size of the font should be carefully selected. In your company letterhead, your font must be easily readable. In your company letterhead, you can also add any graphic if you like. The company letterhead could be printed on a colored sheet of paper as well.

Letterhead Template 04