Complaint Letter Samples

A complaint letter is used to make official complaint for various reasons; it could a product complaint letter, a service complaint letter, a user complaint letter or a business complaint letter and so on and so forth. A complaint letter might be composed by the client to the authorities or by the subordinates to the seniors and so on. You can use a complaint letter to inform a retailer or a dealer about a faulty product, items, goods or service and also to claim a refund or a repair service if you have a warranty for that product or item. The complaint letters are also used in the business world to address the client’s reluctant way of work. Complaint letters are always taken seriously by the administration, as it is a known fact, that it is hard to gain customers than to keep the old ones.

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  • We are living in a corporate world, where companies take complaint letters very seriously. Try to use simple words in your complaint letter rather than using a difficult word incorrectly which will give a wrong impression to the reader. To write a complaint letter is not as hard as it may seem. You should remember that the reader is not responsible for your faulty product, item or the bad service, so try to be polite and civil. A complaint letter must include all of the details regarding to the defects in your product or goods. Logically add facts and details to your complaint letter. If you have any documents as evidence you should attach them with your complaint letter as well. A complaint letter should be short, brief, concise and to the point.