Construction Invoice Template

For a person who is about to start his or her own construction business, it is important to know how to write a construction invoice. The construction invoice makes sure that your day goes smoothly and you spent more time in building buildings rather than sitting in your office doing paper work. Your construction invoice must be professionally written and it should be easy to understand. If you have a large business firm, then you can make a construction invoice template that can be used for any type of invoice relating to the construction issues. Make sure that you add the word “invoice” on the top of your construction invoice.

The construction invoice is a type of a commercial slip, which is used in the construction business. The construction invoice will be written in the similar way as any other traditional invoice. The main elements of the construction invoice are the name of the construction company; you should also add the logo of the company as well. The construction invoice must contain all of the details of the seller as well as of the client. You must write down the date and the invoice number in your invoice. In the services rendered portion, you must write down the number of hours you did your construction work. Your construction invoice must also have the information about the rate per hour.

contractor invoice template


construction invoice template