Discount Voucher Templates

In different retail situations different, some retail stores send out a document known as the discount voucher. The discount voucher is one of the best ways to attract the consumer traffic towards your retail store. In the discount voucher you will get information about the validity of the discount voucher, amount of discount that you will get by using it, type of the discount voucher and so on and so forth. It is quite often that thrifty housewives are keeping an eye out for the discount voucher for various stores in the newspapers and the magazines. As discount vouchers are one of the best ways to get your discount even when there is no sale season.

It is the discount voucher that will help you in buying out products and services on a reduced price. Every discount voucher represents the discount in its own way; you can get the discount in the form of a percentage or as a reduced price from the original price. How much discount and what type of the discount you are getting is printed on the discount voucher. It is required by the law that you write down the expiry date and the issuing date of the discount voucher on it. More than few companies and organizations use the discount voucher as a way of publicizing about their products. Therefore, it is widely believed that the discount voucher is one of the best publicizing tools.

Payment Voucher Sample


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