Financial Templates

It is vital that you use any word processing software such as the Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel to craft your balance sheet, rather than writing it down by hand. […]

Generally every company, organization and corporations needs a distinct way to report the travel expenses of their employees. This need of organizing your travel expenses is not just limited to […]

A payment receipt format is a straightforward business record that serves as a proof of the installment made for merchandise or services. Payment receipt will be drafted as a basic […]

If you wish to achieve your goal of fundraising, then you must write down a compelling fundraising proposal. An effective fund raising proposal is important as with the help of […]

Every project needs some sort of funds for its success. Whenever someone starts a new project they are faced with the question of the funding, where will they get the […]

Pay stub is a small piece of paper that the employee gets along with his or her pay check. The pay stub not only helps the employer but the employee […]

A tax invoice is that official document that is generally issued by the seller, which includes information about the general sales tax GST and all the necessary information about the […]

In the business world the most commonly used document is the sales invoice. A sales invoices act as a record for all parties, the seller as well as the purchaser. […]

Whenever someone does a foreign trade they use a document known in the corporate world as a commercial invoice. The information in the commercial invoice states the customs on the […]

The purchaser sends out a purchase invoice to the seller that contains important details and information about the purchasing order. Generally a purchase invoice contains details such as, quantity of […]

Whenever there is any fund raising or the launch of any new project, people come together to sponsor the event. The sponsorship form is required at times like these. The […]

There are usually two types of divorce forms namely as, fault divorce form and no fault divorce form. Both types of divorce forms are accepted by the court. The applicant […]

The main elements included in the permanent disability form are the details of the work before the disability, physical statistics, ongoing treatments, results of the medical reports, disability, contact numbers, […]

Depending upon the organizational culture the appraisal form can filled on the weekly, monthly, annually or semi-annually. The main purpose of the yearly appraisal form is to measure the performance […]

The donation form must be well drafted. There are certain essential elements that should be present in every donation form, such as, mode of transmittal or the mode of payment, […]

The whole process of bank reconciliation form can be conducted on the yearly basis. This method of using the bank reconciliation form provides the opportunity to the account holder to […]

The bill of sales form must contain the essential in formation in regards to the ownership, such as the warranty of the product, information and details about the buyer as […]

The legal process of eviction can be very long and very costly, however sending an eviction notice form is considered one of those tasks that should be done sooner rather […]