Food Journal Template

A simple food journal will only have the information about the time of the meal and the amount of the food for each time, however a detailed food journal will also contain the information regarding the calories and the energy intake required with each meal time. It is true that everyone wants to live for a really long time; however our eating habits and eating patterns may be responsible for cutting our lifetime short. Therefore, we need a system, with the help of which it is easy to follow a healthy eating lifestyle. With the help of the food journal it is easier for the dietitians and the physicians to track down the exact time where you went wrong.

A lot of people use food journal these days. A food journal is generally a document that details your food or meal timings as well as the amount of food that should be consumed at the particular time. A food journal also contains the information and details relating to your health. A food journal is used to make a record of the eating habits of the people. Normally the physicians or the dietitian would recommend their patients to make a food journal. Food journal is kept by the patients of weight loss most of the time. However patients with suffering from other diseases such as diabetes, Croon’s diseases and etc. can also be asked to keep a food journal.

food journal template

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