Free Analysis Templates

Many organizations and corporations use the appraisal form to praise the performance of their staff members and the employees. With the help of the yearly appraisal form you can maintain […]

Generally when people are about to start any new project or any type of work they need to know the total cost required for the project. Traditionally the document that […]

Money has always been the basic and the most essential need of every entity. With the help of the money people’s needs and wants are met. People sell their skills […]

A cost benefit analysis template is a generally accepted procedure which define whether all or any business decision/s will turn out to be good or worse. Undoubtedly, this state of art formula can […]

SWOT analysis template is a critical evaluation tool which identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths of a given project or a task. Swot analysis defines what a business can do precisely and what is […]

A competitive analysis template defines us the strengths and weaknesses of all our competitors as compare to our project. This method provides both offensive and defensive strategies to deal with these […]

Industry analysis template is a well known tool to understand about complexity of any particular market. It includes external as well as internal factors which can directly affect on your […]

A break even analysis template is a unanimously accepted tool which helps the business to understand how much products it needs to sell to get the break even point. Basically […]

An investment analysis template is a research method applied by business executives who wish to identify the needs of business in advance, even before the start of their operations. By reading this, you […]

A literary analysis template is a method which is related to the concerns of writing is called Literary Analysis Template. Basically, this kind of analysis used in educational institutes where teachers assigned students assignment of […]

An origin analysis template is a state of art method of studying and evaluation of somewhat known. It is also known as a basic source of analysis, in which the […]

A data analysis template is a process in which an researcher performs a systematic study to identify the questions which required to answer with the help of available data. In this kind of analysis, […]

An Stakeholder analysis template is a perfect mean which provide the information about groups or individuals who are likely to be affected if a proposed plan ran by the business. In modern business, there are […]

A job safety analysis template is a state of art process of gathering information which helps the business or companies to measure current safety of employees. As far industries and manufacturing plants are […]

A root cause analysis template is a systematic method use by experts to identify the real causes of problems and dangers. In case, if you’re running a business, you always stand […]

A risk analysis template is a predefined method of evaluating specific situation in which executives can get involved due to uncertainties. A risk analysis example also known as, a study for the exposure of […]