Free Chart Templates

If you wish to measure the time of completion then burn down chart is one the most efficient and effective charts. A burn down chart is useful when one as […]

A Pareto chart is made up of both line graph and a bar graph. A Pareto chart is precise and concise form of chart. Wilfredo Pareto was an Italian engineer, […]

Many parents use a reward to make their expectations from their children crystal clear. If the parents are still confused about what do they expect from their child, it is […]

In the educational facilities, an anchor chart is considered to be one of the most important tools. With the help of the anchor chart you can easy make your students […]

Graph charts are graphical impressions that are used to present the information and data collected in a research, study or after using different techniques. If you are using a graph […]

Charts are one of the most helpful tools in the business world. With the help of the charts people can easily summarize complex information and details into a graphical representation, […]

In the corporate world pie chart has a lot of value and worth. People in business can evaluate their business on the bases of pie chart by using the information, […]

It is a general truth that a perfectly made comparison chart will help the people in making the right chart. A comparison chart is used to make comparison and contrast […]

T-charts are mostly used by students. With the help of the T-chart, the student can easily compare the two sides of the same topic. In simpler terms one can easily […]

A flow chart is a systematic tool that can be used by the individuals to analyze the program or the system. The layout and the style of the flow chart […]

Whenever there is an event, the main problem is with the seating of the people. Therefore, in order to overcome this problem people prepare a seating chart. With the help […]

In terms of organizational and business level a roster chart can be used as a list of instructions, plans and duties allotted by the authorities among the different members of […]