Freelance Invoice Template

A freelance invoice is a type of a service invoice that is provided by the people who wish to work as a freelancer. Translation, video production, consulting, website production, computer programming, copy-writing, photography, graphic and web design or any other type of freelance work would require a freelance invoice. Just like any other traditional invoice the freelance invoice will also have the word “invoice” written on the top of the page. There are some contents of the freelance invoice that should be present in every freelance invoice no matter what the service is. These are name of the service provider as well of the buyer, their addresses as well as all of the essential details and the information.

The freelance invoice is important is it tells us the hourly, weekly or monthly rates of the provided service, other than that, it should also contain the total amount due. The freelance invoice should also contain a complete detail about the services provided on which both parties agree. The benefit of making a freelance invoice is to make sure that the customer as well as the service provider agrees upon same terms. However, you should keep in mind that no freelance invoice is ever credible without the signatures from both client and the provider. While making your freelance invoice you must make sure that it does not have any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

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