Functional Position Resume Template

Whenever you have to write down a resume for any job vacancy you must keep in mind that your hiring officer must have received thousands of similar style resumes for the same job post. Therefore, it is vital that your resume sticks out from the rest of the resumes; hence the use of the functional resume is the answer to this problem. With the help of the functional resume you will be breaking the tradition of using the chronological resume and hence making your hiring manager believe that you have a distinct, innovative, creative and imaginative personality. In order to compose a functional resume is not a hard task, you have to follow few basic guidelines to write down an effective, efficient and productive functional resume template.

As compared to the most generally used resume style, the chronological resume the functional resume uses a concise form to highlight your skills and expertise. The functional resume format looks more similar to the format of the curriculum vitae, while on the hand the functional resume gives the information in more compact form than in the curriculum vitae. Just as in any style of resume, you must not use the font style and size that is too hard to read for any or give out an essence of cartoonist nature. The information that you give out in your functional resume must be genuine and up to date. It is highly essential that you write down the names of any three individuals that can easily vouch for you at any given time.

Functional Resume template