2 Best Inter Office Communication Templates

As the office manager a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that their staff members do not need to be prepared for the inter office communication, because there are a number of apps available for it. You as the office in-charge or the director must draft some laws and policies. You must draft, write, revise and publish policies as well as reinforce procedures to avoid conflicts that occur as the result of the inter office communication. Generation gap is one of the main hurdles in the inter office communication. The communication method that you are using should be based after considering the ages of all of the employees.

Inter office communication is a type of communication that occurs between the workers of the same office. For the effective running of the office the internal communication is very essential. There are many methods for inter office communication, such as mail courier, instant messaging, intranet and email. Due to the office size, time restrictions and communication logistics the inter office communication between disparate departments and staff members can be challenging. Office space plays a vital role in the inter office communication, the bigger the office is, the lesser will be the inter office communication.

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