Investigation Report Templates

In the police department and other law enforcement offices the investigation report template is used at various occasions. Therefore, it is necessary for every employee in the law enforcement departments to get familiarize with the idea of writing an investigation report. To write an investigation report is not that hard. One can easily write the investigation report for any kind of investigation by using the common word processing software the Microsoft Excel. The investigation report templates are prepared for every crime that takes place such as the murder investigation drug trafficking investigation, human smuggling investigation, harassment investigation and so on and so forth. Therefore, most of the time the law enforcement offices come up with a basic template for the investigation report, which can be used for any kind of investigation with minor changes.

While writing an investigating report the most basic thing you need to remember is to keep it simple. Simple but will explain the facts in a way that does not need to explain by others. You must avoid jargon because everyone who will read your report will be an expert in your field. The use of jargon is not forbidden completely but you must avoid them in a report, write for the non-specialist. The provided template for investigation report writing will assist you to create professional report. Every person write an investigating report in his own way but there are some common point that are present in all investigating reports which are present in provided templates.

The use of a basic template for the investigation reports is beneficial as it saves time and makes the process of report writing more efficient. In the investigation report you have to write down a summary of your inquiry and investigation, no matter what the crime or the inquiry is. It is essential that you prepare your investigation report with utmost attention and care as these investigation reports will be used for a long time by the case attorneys and other law enforcement personnel, therefore, a sloppy investigation report may have dire consequences on the case. It is better to write down the purpose of writing your investigation report template in the beginning of the report. After that you must write down what is it that is being investigated.

Investigation Report Template


investigation report template