Job Estimate Template

You do not have to use specific software to draft a job estimate document, as any word processing software is capable of drafting a job estimate document. The job estimate template must contain your company’s name along with its logo, if you have one. You must not forget to write the date in your job estimation document. You should professionally address your recipient in your job estimation document. The description of the job along with the list of the required materials and the number of hours should be mentioned. You must write down the total cost for each category and mention the total cost in the end. Do not forget to write the terms and conditions at the end of the job estimation document.

Generally when people are about to start any new project or any type of work they need to know the total cost required for the project. Traditionally the document that contains such information is called a job estimate document. A job estimate document is that document that contains all the information regarding the materials that will be needed for the job, hourly rate or the weekly rate, and complete details and information about the scope of the job. If you have a draft copy form your previous working of the job estimation document, you can use that template in the future as well.

job estimate template

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