Leave Application Form

Every institute and the organization may have their own template for writing down their leave application form; however there are certain elements that must be present in every leave application form. These elements include, name of the person, if you are an employee then you must mention your employee ID number in the leave application form. You must write down the number of days for which you need the leave, date of the applications, a brief reason for the leave. In order to make sure that your leave application form gives a professional look, you must start writing your form with to whom it may concern. You must make sure that the leave application is signed by the proper authorities.

Whether you are a student or an employee, you must fill a leave application form, in order to make sure that your leave is granted. The leave application form is filled by the students, teachers or any other staff member. You must be very careful while writing down the details in your leave application, as it would not be valid if there are any errors. The leave application form is an office document that has a lot of worth and value. If you have the task of writing down the leave application for, then you must remember that the form must look professional and error free. The font and the font size that you use in your leave application form must be easily readable.

leave application form

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