Legal Letterhead Template

A legal letterhead is a printed page used by advocates and law firms for different written work. Generally, the legal letterhead is a page with heading on its top which includes name, contact information, email, address and logo of the law firm. It is your choice that you incorporate a foundation design in your legal letterhead or not. Typically a legal letterhead is given a design theme that matches to the logo of the law firm. In any case, there is no convincing reason to write down the names of all of the partners of the firm on the legal letterhead yet it is your decision whether you may potentially include the names of the junior partners.

If you write down the names of the junior partners in your legal letterhead, then you must also include the names of the senior partners as well. It is furthermore optional where to place the details and the information on the legal letterhead; at the top or base of the page. A legal letterhead is one of the crucial documents that required in the law firm these days. It helps you in saving time in the office, rather than writing your name and contact information every time you have to make a new document, you can just use your legal letterhead. The theme and the layout of the legal letterhead should be formal.

Letterhead Template 03