Legal Templates

Receipt is a straightforward business document composed to demonstrate the installment got alongside the data about reason of making installment and payer and payee. A receipt might be utilized as […]

A cease and desist is a letter which have lawful worth, it normally arranged and sent by somebody when he get himself stuck in an unfortunate situation root because of […]

The divorce process is always hard for the both parties. If you have decided to get a divorce then you must fill a divorce form, so as they can legally […]

Whenever there is a charity gala or any fundraiser there are a lot donations made. This is when the organizations and the companies uses donation form. With the help of […]

The bank reconciliation form is an office document that is mostly used in the banks. The bank reconciliation form is provided to the bank account holders, it serves as a […]

A blank consent form is used by two or more than two parties or individuals when they are agreeing upon something. A blank consent form is a legal document which […]

In any democratic society, where people have the right to live freely, elect the member that they seem legible, follow the religion and lifestyle they seem right and have no […]

An employee appraisal form is written by the companies and the organizations, in order to determine the work capabilities of the employees as well as to estimate their skills and […]

Nothing could be more depressing for any employee in the world than to receive the employment termination form. An employment termination form is a type of a form that is […]

An eviction notice template is a legal document that landlord provides to someone, that he or she is overdue on the rent for the previous month or the week. An […]

There are two different ways of defining the rental lease agreement form. We can say that a rental agreement form is written by an organization that is willing to apply […]

A divorce decree form is prepared by the couple who wish to end their marriage.  A divorce decree form is the last legal document, after which the marriage between two […]

A medical authorization form is prepared by the medical authority and it is signed by the medical team members, giving the authorization of a medical treatment. A medical authorization form […]

A Parent consent form is a different type of consent form. Parents use parent consent form when they give their child the permission to do something, that normally a child […]

For the success of any business or product, the feedback is necessary. With the help of the feedback, you can take your business in the way that the public demands. […]

In the business world a promissory note for is a legal document. Promissory note form is a type of the document that is related to the financial information of a […]

A purchase agreement form is a type of a form that is provided to the purchase by the different companies and corporations, to finalize the purchasing process. Whenever an organization […]

As a child who is less than 18 years of age, and wish to travel on an air plane, he or she can do so, whether it is a domestic […]

A medical certificate is often abbreviated as MC in all medical as well as in business fields. It is a certificate which is issued when a person goes through some […]