Meeting Note Templates

The instant written record of any meeting or any kind of hearing is called as a meeting note. With the help of a meeting note, the corporations record everything that took place in their meetings, which becomes quite helpful in the future. It is the job of the organization’s secretary to write down all of the meeting notes in any formal or official meeting, especially for the one where, the shareholders and company partners are present. Meeting note is an effective and efficient tool to find out all the tasks that were accomplished in a certain meeting, all the projects that were planned in any meeting as well as to find out the number of the people who were present in any meeting. Although for a starter it may seem difficult to jot down the meeting notes, however, if you would follow some simple guidelines, it becomes a very easy process.

The most important thing to remember while writing down the meeting notes is that you do not have to write down every little detail about the meeting. An efficient meeting note comprises of all of the important and main details of the meeting. Some common elements that are included in the meeting note are the basic information about the meeting such as the location, date and the time, names of the attendees including any special notes, such as if any one left early or came late, items on the agenda as well as the brief description about every item. Your meeting note must also contain the information about the voting process and the voting action. It is important to record the time when your meeting was adjourned. You must keep your meeting notes in your company records for at least seven years.

meeting-note template