Memo Template

You can use certain formats for writing a memo. However, the office or the institution may have their own specific format for writing any memo. The memo can be as long as just a single page or more than that. Normally a memo is considered to be a grey literature. The format of the memo depends upon the receiver and the sender. It could be rigidly professional or it could be very informal. In the corporate world, the memo is used just for the internal communications. Memo is considered to be an upward communication process by many, with of which, suggestions, views, opinions and issues are put forward to the official level.

What is a memo? This is a question that is frequently asked by a lot of people. The word memo is short for the word memorandum, which is a Latin verbal phrase meaning, relate, call to mind, recount. Thus, a memo is any document or note that is used to help the memory by making recordings of the topics. The chief role or the purpose of the memo is to help in the decision making. Other functions of the memo includes, to convey information, make a suggestion, make a request, provide a response to the answer and document a reference or to present an informal report. A memo or the memorandum is widely used in the commercial sphere.

memo template

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