Name Card Template

A name card template needs to look very professional and simple, which is why you need to be very careful while you are designing your name card. You must not use flashy colors and fancy fonts in your name card. Mostly people use the color scheme that is same as the one they used for their company’s logo or the one that is used in their company’s official letterhead. There are many different styles to write down the information in your name card. Sometimes people would just write down the name and the contact information. Your name card should be with you at all times, so you can easily give it to someone whenever you require.

A name card is very similar to the business card. A name card contains the information of the bearer. Depending upon the type of business the how much information to be provided on the name card is selected. Generally a name card template contains the basic information about the name card holder, such as the name of the holder, their company rank, the name of the company they work in, contact information including the email contact and phone number, address. Some people may also include the address of the company. Name card must include the logo of the company that you work in.

name card template

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