No Objection Certificate Template

The no objection certificate template is required at various different levels, such as for prevailing litigation matters, immigration purposes, during any new employment. Writing a no objection certificate is always easy, however, acquiring one is very difficult. the format of the no objection certificate depend upon the reason it is being made, for example the no objection certificate for the immigration purposes would be different from the one used by the community for the remodeling. However, policy statement regarding to the certificate, the name of the receiver, date of release, reason for no objection certificate and basic information of the applicant will be included in every type of the no objection certificate template.

No objection certificate is a legal document that is issued by any institute, private agency, organization or the government with a statement that they do not have any objection with the certain person or the company. A no objection certificate template can be formal document or an informal document. In short a no objection certificate states that the issuing authority has no objection with the concerned person or the institute. Generally in the corporate world the no objection certificate is abbreviated as NOC that is no objection certificate. The no objection certificate is a legal document that the organization or the person gets on demand from the concerned authority.

No Objection Certificate template