Packing Slip Template

The packing slip must contain the name of the company and its logo that is sending the package. Most of the time people define the packing slip as the itemized packing list of various items. The packing slip contain the information and details about the delivery charges, delivery date, actual price, weight without packing, exact weight with packing, company code, article number, name of the company. Packing slip also serves as evidence the shipping company will be responsible for the package. The packing slip must be clearly visible. Some packing slip may contain different symbols, national or international.

In the corporate world a packing slip is used for various purposes. The shipment companies use the packing slip to contain the details and the information about the items and the goods that are being shipped. The packing slip is then placed inside the package so that the receiver can easily count the good that were supposed to be shipped. You can also past the packing slip on the package that is in the clear bag. It is one of the most essential and important commercial documents that should be drafted with utmost care and attention. The packing slip should be a professional document.

packing slip template

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