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Pay stub is a small piece of paper that the employee gets along with his or her pay check. The pay stub not only helps the employer but the employee as well in keeping the record of the amount that is paid. When the employee gets the direct deposit, he or she receives the pay stub as a separate document along with the pay check. However, when the employee receives the paper heck, the pay stub is directly attached with the paper check. The pay stub is also known as, check stubs, pay advice or pay slips. The pay stub is important for the employee as they are the prime beneficiaries of the pay stub; it also provides information about the deductions and the payment amount.

The subs are issued by the employer as the proof that the employer has paid the amount for the services rendered by the workers and the employees. The pay stub includes a lot of important financial details and information, such as, taxes, worker’s salary and any other contributions. Whenever the employee gets his or her salary some federal and state taxes are withheld from their salaries, the pay stub includes the information of these amounts as well. The social securities and other contributions such as the health insurance must also be mentioned in the pay stub so as the employee can see exactly where the money the is going. You must be very careful while making your pay stub as to avoid any errors. The pay stub has a lot of legal value and worth.

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