Periodic Report Template

The periodic report template is also known as the recurring report in the corporate world. A periodic report explains all of the events that happened since the last periodic report were given in the form of a written document. There are many institutes that utilize the periodic report; these may include the non-profit organizations, federal agencies, business organizations and the corporations. Mostly there is a simple and a general format that is utilized by all of the institutes to write down the periodic reports. In the periodic report people mostly utilize the numerical data to represent their information in detail. The periodic report could either be submitted annually, monthly, weekly or daily depending upon the nature of the project or the situation.

There could be a lot of different objectives for giving out a periodic report, with the help of the periodic report; the company can easily update their name or the address. However, the main purpose of giving out a periodic report is to make sure that the achievements of the project have been recorded. With the help of a periodic report a supervisor can keep updated on the scientific as well as the financial aspect of the project. The preparation of the periodic report is allotted to a responsible individual, mostly the project manager or the project leader. The periodic report is viewed by the head of the company or any other concerned individuals. There are five main and basic types of the periodic report, these are, site report, feasibility report, progress report, sales report and incident report.

Periodic Monitoring Report Template