Purchase Invoice Templates

The purchaser sends out a purchase invoice to the seller that contains important details and information about the purchasing order. Generally a purchase invoice contains details such as, quantity of the goods; quality of the item purchased or wished to be purchased as well as the type of the goods. The purchase invoice also includes the prices of the products, on which both the seller and the purchaser have agreed upon. A purchase invoice is not a special type of invoice; generally it is designed similarly as the traditional invoice. While you are writing down the purchase invoice, you must proof read it, so as to avoid any grammatical and spelling mistakes. This Purchase invoice template, just like a traditional invoice is a highly formal document.

In the purchase invoice the general elements that should be included are, price of each item, any deductions, subtotal, description of each product, name of each of the item, complete information of the buyer as well as of the purchaser, date of the purchase and the invoice number. In order to make your purchase invoice valuable, it must be signed by both parties. The purchase invoice must be differentiated from the normal manual list of the purchased items and the goods. The purchase invoice must be made using and computer software. It should not be in handwritten format unless part of non transnational deed.

purchase invoice template

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Purchase Invoice Template

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