Recipe Card Template

In the recipe card it is essential that you write down the name of the dish, the ingredients required for that dish and the step by step instructions. You can add the final picture of the dish in your recipe card or you can add step by step pictures. Using the pictures at every step, would be more helpful to your customers, rather than using one single picture of the final dish. The recipe card can also include the amount of servings. The name of the restaurant should be written in the clear font in the recipe card. Sometimes the recipe card may include the name of the chef too. For amateur chefs, a recipe cards is one of the most essential tools.

A recipe card is not a small piece of paper; it is a full sheet of paper that contains the recipe. A recipe card template contains the full information and details including the ingredients and the step by step instructions. You can add pictures in your recipe card. If the recipe card is designed carefully then you can use it as a free advertising tool for your restaurant. Many restaurants and famous chefs use their signature dishes recipe card as a way of advertising about their restaurant or for advertising their dish. The recipe card template must be prepared carefully using simple fonts and colors.

recipe card template

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