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Request letters are used to make a request of some sort. By using a request letter the reader is forced to do something, which he or she was reluctant to do in the first place. A request letter is used for business as well as for personal purposes. Before you start writing your request letter, you must get to know your target audience. As a business owner, one has to write several request letters. The letter may be for a sponsorship request, Loan request, donation request, employment request, partnership request or any other business related request. A request letter is one of the most accurate ways to send a request that is related to business. Depending upon your reader, the request letter could be formal or informal.

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  • You must start your request letter with polite salutations. State the purpose of writing your letter in the beginning. You must include the date and the reader’s full address in your request letter. You should keep your letter professional and specific. You should attach some essential documents related to your request in your request letter. If possible you must include some pertinent information that would be essential for the reader to honor your request. To show the importance of your cause, you should share some previous success stories with your reader in your request letter. If you are writing the request letter for an employment then it should contain all of your skills, expertise, work ethics, work abilities and any other qualification that is essential for the job.