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A resignation letter will be composed by a worker to demonstrate his or her aim of leaving the organization or employment. The resignation will be given over to the supervisor or HR officer by the employee well before his or her last day according to the rules and regulations of the organization or the company. The resignation letter ought to incorporate points of interest of the resignation like date and purpose behind leaving the company or the corporation. Like any other business letters, a resignation letter will incorporate name, postage information, telephone number, email address and so on of both the writer and beneficiary. Statement of purpose must be incorporated into the letter which is otherwise called subject of the letter. The resignation letter must be signed by the employee.

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  • You must properly address your resignation letter. To all appearance, the critical motivation behind drafting a resignation letter is to inform the employer about your decision. The resignation letter would not just help the employee to depict a decent image while leaving the organization however it additionally help the business to do some further formalities connected with the procedure of resignation, i.e. essential documentation of resignation, check of administration records, planning of experience letter, and so forth. The resignation letter should be formally written. It should not be handwritten but types on using any word processing software. The resignation letter must be concise, to the point and written in a civil, calm, kind and polite language.