Salary Certificate Format

Almost every company issues a salary certificate, the salary certificate format contains information and details such as the signatures from both the employer and the employee, the net salary of the employee. You must mention the total earned salary by the employee along with the allowance, if any. Some company’s also mentioning the basic salary in their salary certificate. It is true that there are many other documents that have the same official value as the salary certificate format. However, salary certificate is important because it also contain valuable information regarding to the employment of the individual.

Whenever the employee withdraws his or her salary, the employer issues a salary certificate. However, the salary certificate format can also be used for various other purposes. One of the reasons of issuing the salary certificate is to verify that the said employee has received his or her salary for a specific time period. However, the employee can also use it in the place of the experience certificate, as a proof of employment in a particular company or the organization. You must be very careful while drafting the salary certificate format, all the information regarding to the salary of the individual should be mentioned in the salary certificate.

salary certificate format

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