Salary Increase Templates

A salary increase refers to increase in the amount of pay that the worker gets for his or her hourly, weekly or monthly work performed in any corporation or organization. Asking for a salary increase could be a very awkward and stressful experience. In the perfect world, normally the employer already knows that it is time for an increase in the salary of his or her employees. However, that is not always the case. If you are asking your employer for a salary increase it is always helpful if you write a letter or a note about a salary increase, instead of just asking for it. Every employer and boss is different, but when it comes about asking for a salary increase you must avoid certain things.

Every organization has an annual performance appraisal review for its employees; the salary increase of the workers mostly depends upon this review. This type of the salary increase is always subjective as the employer’s opinion is always the main determiner of the salary increase for any employee. In some corporations the raise is attributed to the 2.5% of the living raise in the country. However, these types of raise seldom inspire and encourage the employees to do more. There is another kind of salary increase, this type of salary increase depends upon the terms and conditioned set in the contract. However, when the employee is set to receive the same type of raise every month or year, this idea does not motivate them to work more and harder.

salary increase template 3


salary increase template 2