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At the end of each month your finance department may give you a slip along with your salary, this slip is known as salary slip. A salary slip is a very important business document that is utilized by many organizations and companies at the time of paying the salaries to their employees. The salary slip is used by the employer to provide detailed information about the salary that is to be paid to the worker at the end of a specified time period.  The basic elements included in the salary slip are, the name of the employee, date of payment, deductions made by the employer, any sales commissions, overtime payment, basic salary, employee code, position of the employee in the company. With the help of the salary slip the corporations and the organizations keep an accurate account and record of the amount that is to be paid to their workers.

It is important that every employee sign the salary slip after getting his or her salary, otherwise it would not hold any legal value or worth. Every employee and the company worker must receive his or her salary slip at the time of getting their salary. It is important for the financial committee of the company to keep the record of the salary slips of all of the employees, as a proof that the salary for the certain month has been paid. The financial department must recheck all of their salary slips in order to avoid any errors. Make sure that the date and the name of the employee are correctly added in the salary slip. Salary slip is an official document with a lot of legal worth and importance.

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