Sales Quotation Template

A sales quotation is used in the business where the prices often vary. The changes in the prices are due to a number of reasons, such as there may be an increase in the price of materials, or the labor used may have increased. The sales quotation is a business document that lets the potential clients to revisit the cost of some particular items, products and services that are officially tagged by the dealer. With the help of the sales quotation document the customers can find out how the changes in the prices of the products may occur. A sales quotation can tell the customer about the actual prices along with other stuff, such as warranties of the products, business policy matters.

Sales quotation is a type of a business document that is prepared for the clients and the customers, informing them the price of the services, items and things. All the information related to the products and items that you wish to sell and which are offered in the market is written in the sales quotation. As the sales quotation is the document which is immensely used in the corporate world, it should be prepared very efficiently and professionally. Organizations and companies often use a sales quotation document to increase the worth of their business. It is better to use computer software for writing a sales quotation than to have it handwritten.

sales quotation template

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