Sample Letters

The proposal cover letter template is that letter that goes along with the proposal to any institute or organization, in order to convince the corporation to award the said job […]

A liability release template is a legal document that a person or any organization signs when he or she is participating in any event or activity. The liability release will […]

The deed of indemnity is a broadly utilized understanding which has legitimate promotions to depict the way of a legally binding settlement that has been marked between the organization and […]

Company letterhead is really important, whether you have a small company or a big corporation. In the business world, where you have to write a lot of different documents every […]

A legal letterhead is a printed page used by advocates and law firms for different written work. Generally, the legal letterhead is a page with heading on its top which […]

When someone creates a personal letterhead they literally stamp their personality on to their stationery. The most important thing to keep in mind while making your personal letterhead is to […]

A business letterhead is a printed page utilized by business for various written work. Normally the business letterhead is a page with heading on its top which comprises of name, […]

A letter of intent might be sent by an organization to another usually by a buyer to merchant for setting up terms and conditions of the deal. The letter of […]

The termination letter is a letter which is composed to advise a representative that he has been let go from the employment. The termination letter will address the applicant and […]

A resignation letter will be composed by a worker to demonstrate his or her aim of leaving the organization or employment. The resignation will be given over to the supervisor […]

The sponsorship letter is a customized letter which is composed by a team or an event coordinator to organizations or individuals for a specific audience, asking them for cash or […]

Request letters are used to make a request of some sort. By using a request letter the reader is forced to do something, which he or she was reluctant to […]

In the business world the proposal letter is sent alongside of any proposal which acts as a cover letter for the said proposal. Proposal letters hold a very significant place […]

An eviction letter is composed by the proprietor to the occupant to remove him from property. Generally the eviction letter is composed to remove the inhabitant from a residential place […]

In the corporate world, announcement letter is used to make announcement about a certain product or service. In business world, the announcement letter will be composed in order to report […]

Everyday people write apology letters for so many different reasons to numerous recipients. The apology letters could be sent to your colleagues, friends, family members, business partners, clients, employees and […]

A letter of transmittal is sent with certain documentation to present it. The letter of transmittal portrays what the transferred documentation is about and what is the motivation behind sending […]

A complaint letter is used to make official complaint for various reasons; it could a product complaint letter, a service complaint letter, a user complaint letter or a business complaint […]

A condolence letter can help you in being with your loved one in a bad position when you can’t physically contact them. The condolence letter can truly be an extraordinary […]

An inquiry is a type of a request letter which is composed for getting some kind of data. By the help of an inquiry letter, you do not just need […]