School Admission Form

The schools always demand a bunch of important documents to be attached with the school admission form. The list of the documents that should be attached is always provided at the back of the school admission form. The school admission form also contains the rules and regulations, which must be observed by the students during the school premises. The school admission form is professional looking office document. The school admission form must contain the logo as well as the name of the school written in clear letters on the top. In your school admission form, you must follow the theme that relates to the colors of the school.

A school admission form is provided by the school to the parents at the time of the admission. The school admission form contains all of the necessary information about the students in regards to their academic life. the elements that are commonly presented in every school admission form are, name of the student, father’s name, mother’s name, date  of the birth, home address, contact information, name of the class to which they wish to get admission to, grade in the previous class, name of the previous school, if the child is changing schools. Some schools also require to have the child’s photograph pasted in the school admission form.

school admission form

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