School Progress Report Templates

The school progress reports are being utilized by the school administration for a long time. With the help of the school progress report you summarize the progress, status and the likely future of the student or the teacher, depending upon the fact that who is writing the school progress report. If you are a teacher who is writing the school progress report for his or her students then with the help of this report, the parents will remain updates about the progress of their child in the school. With the help of the school progress report, the parents can not only find out what their child has accomplished so far, but also the areas where their child needs their attention.

Whenever you are assigned to write down a school progress report, you must first understand the main objective or the purpose of writing down a school progress report. One of the most important things that should be considered is your audience. If you are writing your school progress report as a teacher, your audience would be either the school administration or the parents. The important thing to remember at this time is that both of these audiences demand different kind of information. There are many different ways to communicate with your audience in regards to sending out the progress report. One can always give out the school progress report about their students at the monthly PTA meetings, or you can send them in the written form via emails or a written formal letter.

Progress Report Template


Progress report template