Service Invoice Template

A service invoice is one of the most important legal documents. The service invoice is used to provide information about the transactions in which the clients receive some service from a specific service provider. A service invoice is used by different people in various professions such as doctors, engineers, electricians, plumbers and etc. to their clients containing information about their services. The main components of the service invoice is, date of the service provided, rate of service per hour as well as the total amount due, service time, type of the service, contact information about the client, name of the customer, name as well as all of the necessary information about the service provider and etc.

A service invoice is a type of a business slip. People use service invoice to build trust between the clients as it provides all the legal information about the service provider and the service transaction. The service invoice is used to provide data about the delivered services. You can use the service invoice to find out the dates of the provided services, total amount due, rate of services per hour, type of service, time, customer’s info, and service charges among other things. A well drafted service invoice is used as an easy to use visible slip. You must proof read your service invoice as to avoid any mistake.

service invoice template

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