Shipping Invoice Template

A shipping invoice is an important commercial document. The shipping invoice is used for the shipment of the items and goods. The general elements that must be present in every shipping invoice are shipment code, name of the country which is the main manufacturer of the items, cost of shipment, total number of items shipped, description of the goods shipped, name of the company that is shipping the product and the name of the exporter. The shipping invoice must be signed by the concerned authorities in order to make it valuable. If there are any taxes or discounts they should be mentioned in the shipping invoice.

In easier terms, a shipping invoice is a commercial slip that shipping companies issue. It is compulsory to send out a shipping invoice whenever a company ships any item, product or good. There are many companies and corporations, which specializes in shipping goods and products. Therefore, it is important that a well drafted shipping invoice includes information such as, the data about the shipping company, sender info, package type, date of delivery, delivery charges, package weight, data of the customer and the information about the shipping package. One of the important reasons to generate the shipping invoice is to identify the buyer and the seller along with shipment of the goods.

shipping invoice template

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