Shot List Templates

In the world of photography, news, television and film production the shot list is very important. For a professional camera person it is often very hard to keep track of all of the shots that he or she has taken in their lifetime. If your order is not maintained then it would be difficult to even identify the locations and the dates for the shots. A shot list helps the professionals in staying organized; you can easily customize the shot list according to your own preferences. The data entry part of the shot list makes it a very tedious and tiresome job. However, the shot list is not that difficult to make. The best shot list is created by the collaboration of the cinematographer and the director.

A shot list is that particular document that is used in principal filming and photography, which describes and lists the shots that are to be filmed. The generally included elements in the shot list are, location of the shot, type of the shot, angle of the camera, camera movement, a full description of the shot including the lighting, action, subject, characters in the shot major actions, important objects and so on and so forth. The main objective in making the shot list is to make sure that every fragment of the script has been assigned a shot. With the help of the shot list the screenplay is visually interpreted with the help of the camera. If you are having trouble in making your shot list, you can take help from the story board.

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