Tax Invoice Template

A tax invoice is that official document that is generally issued by the seller, which includes information about the general sales tax GST and all the necessary information about the sales transaction. The tax invoice also provides us the business number of the seller. A tax invoice is a lot like a traditional invoice. Just like a tax invoice the word “Invoice” should be mentioned on the top of the page. The tax invoice includes information about the issuing business. Tax invoice issued by the individuals make a claim for the creditable acquisitions on input tax credit.  A tax invoice is one of the most important invoices in the corporate world.

Generally, a tax invoice is an official slip, which is used by the seller to inform the buyer about the costs of different items and goods inclusive of tax. In other words, one can say that the tax invoice is a monitoring element of the transaction. The tax invoice is used to record all of the necessary information about the credits with respect to the amount of the taxes. Generally, the tax invoice also includes information about the costs of the goods with general sales and also the withholding tax. The tax invoice is a smart slip that contains the register tax number of the business. A well establish business company can use the tax invoice for the creditable acquisitions.

tax invoice template

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