Termination Letter Samples

The termination letter is a letter which is composed to advise a representative that he has been let go from the employment. The termination letter will address the applicant and let him or her know the reason of being let go. All things considered, it relies on upon the circumstance whether the explanation behind terminating is composed in the termination letter or not. This letter ought to be clear and sufficiently compact however standards of business correspondence must be remembered while composing a termination letter. The termination letter is one of the most important business letters; therefore, it should be free of any grammatical mistakes and errors. An effective and efficient termination letter must be short and to the point.

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  • While writing your termination letter, you must address the recipient properly. The termination letter must be properly signed by the concerned authority. The reason for termination your employee’s job should be clearly mentioned in the termination letter. This termination letter will serve as a legal proof as to why the employment was ended. This will help you in the future if the employee went to the court for revoking his or her employment. The termination letter also help in the administration, as it will help in quick processing of the termination related documentation. To get to know that you do not possess your job any longer could be very disappointing for some; therefore it is essential that you avoid using any words in your termination letter that may sound sarcastic.