Weekly Activity Report Templates

People mostly use the weekly activity report in order to convey the status of any ongoing project. It is not necessary that a weekly activity report writing skills should be utilized for any individual projects, a group working on a project can also make use of it. In the latter type of the weekly report, a project manager has to write down the weekly report, for it to be reviewed by the project his or her superiors. In some corporations the weekly reports are instituted under special events or situations such as when the project is over the budget or when the project is behind the schedule, however, in some organizations writing a weekly report is a common practice. Therefore, with the help of the weekly activity reports the supervisors can easily keep an eye on the project team.

In order to effectively and efficiently write down the weekly report one needs to follow some steps such as you must gather information on any ongoing or temporary issues in the team members. These issues could either be personal, project related, equipment related, administration related or other quandaries. In your weekly activity report, you must write down the date of writing your report. You should keep in mind that a weekly activity report is a record of the performance about the project; therefore the date in the report is very crucial. With the help of the report, we can get a quick chronological view of the past project status and an excellent insight into it. There are always those situations in the work, when you have finished some tasks, therefore, it is wiser to write down the achievements and progress in the start of the weekly activity report.

Staff Activity Report Template


persoonal acitivity report