Who Is Who Flyer Template

The who is who flyer is one of the most useful flyers in the business world. Mostly people use the who is who flyer on the family reunions or when anew member joins the organization or the corporation. A who is who flyer is one of the most decent components which lets other people know about the relationships between different people in the same corporation. In any company, you can make a who is who flyer and then paste it on the walls of the office, this way people can easily get to know about their seniors. In the family gatherings it serves as a perfect tool to tell the new generation about the family relationships.

We use who is who flyer to write down the relation among the family members or the corporation. In other words you can say that who is who flyer is a family flyer. The, who is who flyer, works as a family tree or as an organizational flyer. If a company or an organization is making a who is who flyer, then it will contain the information about the seniority of the individuals, such as, who is senior to whom. There must be the photographs of the individuals in the who is who flyer, along with their contact information and the company designation or the title.

who's who flyer

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